The Best Homeware Stores in South Africa: What Choice to Make

The Best Homeware Stores in South Africa: What Choice to Make

There are many homeware stores in South Africa and choosing one may get overwhelming. How do you know what quality you’re investing in? Have you chosen a homeware store that best suits your style? Should you shop in-store or online? In our latest blog, we answer these questions and provide advice on what choice to make.

6 Tips To Choose the Best Homeware Store

Many factors come into play when choosing a homeware store in South Africa that suits your needs, style and budget. Follow along for the top six tips to select the best homeware store.

Tip #1: Outline a Budget

Lay out a clear budget for an overall project or, even better, for each piece you’re interested in buying, for example, group homewares into furniture, tables, chairs, lights, decor and artwork. Not only does this help you figure out exactly what you are willing to spend on a certain piece, but it simultaneously allows you to figure out what you need and what works in your space. 

For example, if I need to buy a dining room table and chairs, I can ask myself, “What style and size table will best suit my existing pieces in my space?”. If on the other hand, you know what works in your space but aren’t sure of what you need, then look into factors that make your space work. 

Look at the measurements of your space, the colour schemes you’ve adopted, the type of lighting shining through the space and what existing pieces you have. These answers will provide a neat little solution - you need only a two-seater couch, or warm-toned light bulbs to mimic the look and feel of natural light. 

To get started with your budget, ask yourself what type of furniture you need or what lighting you prefer in your space. 

Tip #2: Choose a Theme or Style

Homeware stores have various pieces on display. Not all of these pieces will suit your style. Plan your design project by choosing a theme or style before shopping. This gives your shopping escapade purpose and helps filter out indecision. Having a clear theme or style choice automatically slims down your options for homeware stores, ultimately making your decision easier. 

Tip #3: Measure Your Space

Have you ever bought the most beautiful furniture and gone through the hassle of having it delivered and put together for it not to fit in your living room? Measure the space you plan to fill with homeware pieces, remembering what you want to fill it with. Have pictures or short videos saved to show consultants when explaining your ideas. Measuring your space gives you a better idea of what pieces to buy and how many will fit and work in your space, avoiding excessive buying or returning items later. If you need assistance with measuring your space, contact us with your room size and we’d be happy to advise you about options and designs to implement!

Tip #4: Choose Durability Over Popularity

We often get swept up in trends and end up with items or styled spaces that look great but aren’t necessarily durable or suit our style. Look into materials that complement your style and have durability. Mass-produced homeware is typically made out of cheaper, unsustainable materials. This often results in re-buying the same item two or three times over, costing you more than you might have bargained for. 

Look into local homeware stores or stores that talk about their processing methods and detail the type of materials they use. These are valuable insights to be gained for you to source sustainable pieces while ensuring that you too are improving your eco-footprint. Investing in stores that invest in our planet is worth the time to research them and adopt their pieces into your own space.

Premium-quality pieces can be found in local second-hand antique stores but in many furniture stores in Johannesburg too. Do you or a family member have the perfect item in storage? Don’t overlook refurbishing and upcycling items to suit your style, they not only save you some money but provide you with bucketloads of memories to reminisce over. Take your time to research what item you are buying and save both time and money in the long run.

Tip #5: Ergonomics

Aesthetics are important but comfort will always trump it. Ask yourself what you need to provide you with comfort. Do you want an ergonomically-designed chair for your desk or do you enjoy standing and would rather invest in a standing desk? Where do you spend most of your time when relaxing? Would you prefer a couch set or individual armchairs? 

The answers to these questions will lead you to choose comfort first and aesthetics second. Interior design is about how people live in spaces and how these spaces function. Design your space with a complete focus on how you move, work and live!

Tip #6: In-Store or Online?

Shopping in-store offers the opportunity to inspect the item you may be interested in; offers to explore multiple home decor stores for research before making a final decision; allows you to compare your measurements with those of the item in question; and have real-time conversations with consultants about your ideas. Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of choices in store; out-of-stock items; and slight pressure to buy from assistants are drawbacks of in-store shopping. 

On the other hand, online shopping offers the flexibility to decide whether or not to purchase an item without time restraints; the convenience of shopping anytime; and items are delivered to your door without leaving the comfort of your home! In addition, good online homeware stores provide detailed information about their products concerning quality, materials, durability, dimensions, and processing methods. 

Online stores give consumers access to more updated and specific information about their products, compared to physical storefronts. 

The Best of Both Worlds: Shop the Boldest Homeware Store in South Africa

Speaking of looking out for the best of both worlds shopping experience, look into ZAZAAN! Predominantly an online shopping experience, booking for a viewing of our curated home decor collection is encouraged. We are one of the newest and boldest homeware stores in South Africa. Drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes, be sure that choosing ZAZAAN will add bright colours, beauty and purpose to your space. 

Our homeware store wholly celebrates everything a home should be: moments of unwinding in solitude and bountiful gatherings of friends and family. 

We pride ourselves in creating furniture and home accessories designed and made in South Africa, utilising the skills of our loyal suppliers over the years and beautiful textiles and materials emerging from our creative nation. 

Working closely with creative groups in producing homeware items, empowers the communities by which our designs are inspired. ZAZAAN, with special emphasis on ‘closing the loop’, sources interesting items and upcycles them to create elegant, yet original pieces that have been refurbished using eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials and processes.

You can expect a ZAZAAN home to be rich in colour, textures, bold styles and expressions, and a beautiful celebration of the lives of the people who occupy this space. With special emphasis on curated collections for homeowners and interior decorators, rest assured that choosing ZAZAAN will not disappoint!

Ready to fill your home with pieces that celebrate your style and unique life? Check out our online catalogue and give us a call!
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