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ZAZAAN, one of South Africa’s newest furniture stores, beats our South African heart into every home, where shades of nature and community colour the living space. Homes that stir feelings of sunshine streaming through the curtain, nudging us awake. Of the soothing breath of a sea breeze meandering through the door ajar. Homes that ricochet the rhythmic songs of cicadas in the moonlight. Of the reddened dust of the Karoo meeting frothy, turquoise shores. Homes reflective of the warming sights and joyful sounds of meals shared with loved ones. Homes where a Strelitzia flower might meet you at the door, welcoming you into a home that is both sophisticated and reflective of its soulful African roots.

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who is ZAZAAN?

We curate our story of ‘home’, so you can colour yours.

ZAZAAN is on a tenacious mission to inspire contemporary homemakers to reflect their South African roots with bold colours, artistic designs and expressive patterns against the backdrop of practical pieces of furniture.

Our curated collection of expertly crafted homeware items is expressive of depth and detail of the African spirit. Each ZAZAAN piece is a celebration of refined artistry, collaboration and purposeful living. At ZAZAAN, we embody the expression of unique identities at home where functional design meets modern sophistication.

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