Discover the Essence of South African Home Decor with ZAZAAN Homeware

Discover the Essence of South African Home Decor with ZAZAAN Homeware

Home decor is a great way to add personality to your home without having to redesign the entirety of your space, and it can be budget-friendly, allowing you to express your unique style. The essence of South African home decor focuses on intricate craftsmanship, cultural diversity and our rich heritage. This blog aims to provide South African-inspired decor ideas to breathe local flair and authenticity into your home.   

South African Home Decor Ideas

Introducing decor ideas into your space can be overwhelming at first, but we have outlined the basics to help you achieve what you are looking for. Remember to start with a list of your needs and wants for each room you are tackling. This reinforces the purpose of the space you want to style and provides direction. 

Local is Lekker

Make a conscious effort to support authentic craftsmanship by buying from local furniture stores. This is great for the economy and showcases your sense of community, the heart of South African culture. A bonus is that locally-made decor is one of a kind, moving away from mass-produced styles, and emphasising authenticity. Take a look around your local marketplace, thrift store or proudly South African home design store to find truly authentic pieces. Allow your creative juices to get flowing and upcycle pieces like chairs, tables and rugs!

Cultural Diversity

Our rainbow nation provides a diverse choice for culturally inspired decor. With 11 cultures to choose from, show off your flare for authenticity through quirky prints and bold colours. Think Tsonga-inspired prints, brightly painted houses in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, or traditional Ndebele huts. Even better, draw inspiration from your own culture and heritage, celebrating generations of your family!

Display South African art

A budget-friendly design tip to use in spaces that have been styled is to buy local artwork. Not only is South African artwork rich with our history and heritage but also has long been used as social commentary. Find an artist that resonates with you and dot their artwork in and around your space, celebrating your way of life and connecting with like-minded individuals. Introduce artwork in the form of paintings, photography, items with multiple uses (like vases) and outdoor statues or busts. 

Bring the Outdoors in

South Africa is well-known for its biodiversity. From the coast to the desert, our country is filled with the most unique flora and fauna. Use this to your advantage by not only incorporating indigenous plants and natural elements but also incorporating varying textures into your space. Visit your local indigenous nursery to add pops of colour to your garden and in rooms, for example, Strelitzias in a beautifully designed vase or a display of dried indigenous grasses.

ZAZAAN: The Essence of South African Home Decor

ZAZAAN epitomises the essence of South African home decor. As one of the boldest homeware stores in South Africa, ZAZAAN is a shining example of a company that goes above and beyond by providing local furniture that positively impacts both the environment and the community it serves. 

With a focus on sustainability, ZAZAAN prioritises eco-friendly and local pieces whenever possible by upcycling and ethically sourcing materials. ZAZAAN uplifts and empowers its communities by supporting and collaborating with local artisans. We provide authenticity through continual evaluation and refinement of our processes to align with the highest ethical practices. South Africa is at the heart of everything we create, ensuring an authentic and local flare. 

ZAZAAN works closely with creative groups to create furniture and home accessories that are designed and created in South Africa. We specialise in utilising the skills of our loyal suppliers that make beautiful textiles and materials, to showcase our Nation’s creativity and vibrancy. Working closely with creative groups not only empowers their communities but emphasises our ‘closing the loop’ approach to create rustic yet original pieces that have been upcycled and refurbished using eco-friendly materials and ethical practices.  

Shop the Boldest South African Furniture Store

When choosing ZAZAAN products for your home, rest assured that you are making a conscious decision to support the essence of South African home decor: supporting local artisans and their communities, promoting sustainable and ethically sourced practices, and preserving our heritage. Whether it be our signature coffee table or beautifully printed scatter cushions, when shopping our curated range, you will no doubt discover the essence of South African decor. 

Visit our store, discover our curated collection, and connect with ZAZAAN today!
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